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Elect Hope Cahan for Santa Clara County Central Committee

I am seeking my 2nd term as a Central Committee member. During my first term, I worked as the Campaign Coordinator for the Santa Clara County Central Committee, the Co-Chair for the Volunteer Committee and as a Central Committee Officer. I believe in a government that helps and guides people in need, but does not interfere. The voice of the People should be heard, not overwhelmed by special interests. Society's best chance for the future is in an excellent education available for all of our children. Our survival depends on smart, far-sighted environmental policies. I have spent the past two years promoting these Democratic ideals in our community. As your Central Committee member, I have worked to elect Democrats who share these visions, register Democratic voters, and promote membership in local Democratic organizations. Vote for Hope Cahan for Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee so that I may continue to dedicate myself to our community and our ideals.

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